What is psychological assessment?

Psychological assessment is the process of answering questions about a person through the use of one or more psychological tests, in addition to an interview and formal observation. Sometimes, it’s necessary to obtain more detailed or subtle information than can be found through interview and observation alone. Therefore, there are specialized tests designed to measure aspects of emotional or intellectual functioning, or which help identify needs.

Why seek psychological assessment?

These are just a few of many reasons:

  • You have been referred through another mental health or medical professional
  • You may have unanswered questions about your emotional or behavioral functioning
  • You may need educational or ADHD evaluation for your child
  • You may need more definitive answers regarding direction in your life

We offer several traditional and therapeutic psychological assessment services:

  • Emotional/Behavioral Evaluations
  • Personality Testing
  • Intelligence/Gifted Testing
  • Learning Disorder Evaluations
  • ADHD Evaluations
  • Behavioral Health/Medical Psychology Testing (e.g., pre-screen for surgery, health optimization)
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations (coming soon)
  • Forensic Evaluations (coming soon)
  • Vocational/Rehabilitation Evaluations (coming soon)

Additionally, we are now featuring a premium intervention service called collaborative therapeutic assessment which can help you make significant changes and “break through” personal barriers in a brief amount of time. This may include emotional, intellectual, health, career, and behavioral aspects of your life. Please visit our Therapeutic Services page for more information!

To our colleagues visiting this page:
Collaborative therapeutic assessment is also an excellent method for helping your clients move through a therapeutic impasse.