Our Team

Seth Grossman, Psy.D., Founder and Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Seth Grossman is a licensed psychologist and the founder and clinical director of the Center for Psychological Fitness. He is also on the clinical faculty at Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in Miami. He is a past president of the Broward Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association, and a senior consultant for the late Dr. Theodore Millon’s Institute for the Study of Personology and Psychopathology where he recently led the revision of Millon’s flagship test, the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI-IV, 2015).

Seth has always been passionate about improving people’s lives. At the heart of Seth’s treatment philosophy is the knowledge that an individual’s personality serves as the lens for life experience, as well as the psyche’s immune system. Just like the body’s immune system, the personality can be resilient and adaptive in some areas, and possibly short-sighted and inflexible in others, with the latter making the person vulnerable to psychological difficulty. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of adaptive personality and personality disorders, Seth seeks to draw out and empower the personality’s strengths through therapy, collaborative assessment, and biofeedback.

For over a decade, Seth worked with and was mentored by the world-renowned personality theorist, Dr. Theodore Millon. Along with his mentor, Seth was the co-developer of the Personalized Psychotherapy model, and added the “Grossman Facet Scales” to two of the Millon personality tests. Seth has also been a guest lecturer on personality and clinical assessment at universities and professional settings nationally and internationally.

Priya Kirpalani, Psy.D., CGP, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Priya Kirpalani is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Group Psychotherapist.  She earned her M.S. and Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University.  Prior to this, she obtained her B.S. in Psychobiology at the University of Miami.  Following her pre-doctoral internship training at Louisiana State University and the Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Florida International University, where she also currently works as a University Psychologist and Group Therapy Coordinator.  Additionally, Dr. Kirpalani is working on completing her credentials as a Holistic Health Counselor.  Dr. Kirpalani has experience providing treatment to adults with a diverse range of mental health concerns in a variety of settings, including university counseling center, forensic psychiatric hospital, residential treatment center for eating disorders, community mental health center, and sports medicine clinic.  Her areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, eating and body image concerns, identity struggles, relationship difficulties, and personality problems.  Dr. Kirpalani’s treatment philosophy is best summarized by the proverb, “A good companion shortens the longest road.”  She sees her role as a therapist as that of a travel companion that guides her clients to psychological well-being.  Using the client’s needs as a driving force, Dr. Kirpalani adapts her therapeutic style to each individual.  By creating a safe and open therapeutic space, she ultimately uses the client-therapist relationship to overcome psychological roadblocks, past and present, and steer change.

Kara Williams, M.S., Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Kara Williams is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who earned her MS in counseling psychology from Florida International University in 2008.  She has been working in the field of psychology since 2004 in a wide variety of settings.  She has worked with severe mental illness in various community mental health centers and psychiatric hospitals.  She currently sees adolescents and adults for individual, couples, or family sessions at the Center for Psychological Fitness.   Kara enjoys helping her clients find the greatest amount of happiness possible from their lives and works with them to overcome obstacles and recognize the changes that they can make.   She has worked extensively with clients struggling with depression, adolescents searching for their identity, adults feeling overwhelmed by their lives, as well as client’s adapting to the challenges of physical illness.

Kara’s personal life has greatly influenced her professional goals.  She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003 and has undergone her own struggle to take control of her life from this illness.  The psychological experiences of coping with symptoms and living with a chronic disease have inspired her to help others dealing with similar situations.  Kara sees a major goal of counseling as helping clients adapt to the changes in their lives, while continuing to pursue goals at their own pace.  There are adjustments that must be made in every person’s life and she works with her client’s to find their own individualized path to happiness.  She has also worked extensively with clients struggling with depression, adolescents searching for their identity, and adults feeling overwhelmed by their lives.