Therapeutic Services

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • More days than not, feelings of despair, sadness, apathy, or low energy?
  • Excessive worry or fear, or loss of control over your daily life?
  • Unusual conflict in your relationships?
  • Unexplainable or seemingly uncontrollable changes in your feelings of well-being?
  • Feeling more like you’re watching your life be lived, rather than living it?

All psychotherapy is geared toward helping you target and find relief from these mental health concerns.  This is our number one priority. Where we differ from most is our commitment to a holistic approach.  We want to help you feel better now and also create lasting changes.  We will do this by helping you become more resilient and be better able to cope with and resolve problems in your life. We will work together to find your unique personalized pathway to feeling as alive and vibrant as you can.

Individual Psychotherapy
You will be challenged to envision the life you want to lead. Together, we will explore various means of realizing that life while relieving current distress by discovering what works best for you based on your personal resources you may not even know you already have.

Group Psychotherapy
The difficulties you experience also affect your ability to navigate your social world. Our groups are ideal to improve your social relations and the role you play with your family, your friends, your professional life, and your place in your community. Most mental health issues can be addressed as effectively in group as in individual. We offer several specialized groups, in addition to our general interpersonal groups.

Marital/Family/Couples Counseling
Are you concerned about a family member? Or are you concerned about the current state of any of your relationships? Our personalized approach will help you improve your understanding of the dynamics in your relationships. It will also help you enhance your ability to communicate more effectively.

Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment
Do you want to make a true “break-through”? Do you want to gain skills and self-understanding that can launch the next chapter of your life? Collaborative therapeutic assessment infuses psychological tests into treatment to identify, process, and gain mastery over those persistent roadblocks in your life. This is also a great method to supplement ongoing traditional therapy (whether at CPF or with another provider). This sevice is available to adults, adolescents, children over age 6, and couples.

Biofeedback Services
How would you rate your ability to manage stress, readily decompress, or find freedom from excessive thoughts and worries? Do you find you “carry” your stress in some bodily function or experience of pain? If any of this sounds familiar, you might benefit from the safe and gentle method of biofeedback. Biofeedback allows you to bring body sensations to awareness. It helps you relate them to your emotional world as you learn to find balance and relieve your symptoms.

*We consider privacy and confidentiality sacred in all of our services. We believe that it is vital to ensure your feelings of safety and freedom as you pursue and attain your goals. All communication is handled with discretion, and we strictly abide by and exceed all Florida statutes regarding confidentiality. Your clinician will explain all limits of confidentiality at your first meeting.